Organizing Staff Scheduling & Phase Capacity Calc




Organizing takes time, and there are limited hours in the work week. Giving your staff specific guidance on how to spend their time can help organizers work smarter and sustainably. This guidance can help set new organizers up for success and help them understand how to hit their goals. It can also help you set realistic expectations for yourself and other members of campaign leadership for what organizers can achieve.

Use this workbook to estimate your staff capacity based on their working schedule. Start in the Phase Day & Week sheet, where you can create three versions of a weekly organizing staff schedule: one for capacity building, persuasion, and GOTV.

Please remember that staff are people and need time to rest.

Also, remember that capacity building benefits from organizing that involves relationship building, prospecting, and administrative work.

Once your schedule is set, then move on to the phase capacity sheet, where you can update assumptions about how many attempts will be made per hour.

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