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We remind campaign staff that no campaign is doing the work alone. Instead, a tapestry of campaigns and organizations share the job of registering, persuading, and turning out voters in the lead-up to election day. 

Campaigns and advocacy organizations in most states can’t coordinate on strategy due to campaign finance laws. These limits manifest into voters’ frustrations in receiving so many phone calls due to the duplicated outreach efforts.

Individual voters don’t often know the difference between these campaigns and organizations attempting to contact them. They know they are getting increasing phone calls and want off your call list. 

The Democratic Data Exchange (DDx) was built in 2019 to address these outreach duplication challenges. By creating legal ways to share contact data, we can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their campaigns and organizing work, build long-term power in our communities, and win elections. This guide shows how DDx works, use cases, and its impact on campaigns.

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